School Board

The Board recognizes that situations may arise in the operation of the district which are of concern to the public. Individuals with questions, concerns, and grievances are encouraged to review Board Policy 213.1 РPUBLIC COMPLAINTS and Board Policy Regulation 213.R1 РPUBLIC COMPLAINT GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE prior to contacting board members in order to  resolve, at the lowest possible level, questions, complaints, and grievances of persons regarding district matters.


Name Position E-mail Phone Director District Term Ends
Dana Schuemann Member 515-314-5130 At-Large 11/2019
Justin Fletcher Member 515-210-8150 At-Large 11/2021
David Albrecht Member 515-314-8114 At-Large 11/2019
Maribeth Wright Vice President 515-556-3769 At-Large 11/2021
Rick Kaul President 515-981-5651 At-Large 11/2019