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Our primary mission is to actively support the academic strengths and affective needs of identified gifted and talented students.


The vision of Norwalk Community School District’s Gifted and Talented Educational Services is to identify and actively support students whose learning needs and/or abilities require services or activities beyond those provided by the Universal Core. We strive to collaborate with administration, teachers, parents, and students to provide a match between learner needs and their academic environment in order to foster individual growth.

Values and beliefs

  • Gifted and talented learners are a diverse group with a range of strengths and needs.
  • Gifted and talented services are integrated within the educational system through collaborative efforts among administrators, gifted and talented teachers, classroom teachers, support staff, parents, and community.
  • Identifying the needs of gifted and talented learners is an ongoing process. A continuum of services is provided based on the individual needs of each identified student.
  • A comprehensive staff development program and a diversity of resources must be provided for all school staff.
  • Continuous opportunities for identification of student needs will be provided through gifted and talented services.
  • Identified gifted and talented learners have unique social and emotional needs that may need to be addressed through the collaborative efforts of school and parents.
  • Identified gifted and talented learners progress should be monitored over time, and educational goals adjusted, as appropriate, through the student’s Personal Education Plan.

For more information about our GT program, please review our Gifted and Talented Educational Services Program Guide.