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The District will be spraying the following Turf/grass areas for weeds starting July 22nd. Oviatt, High School, Baseball and Softball fields. All areas will be marked with signage. Para Interview Days Announced! Learn More Here! 

Our Mission

To live, learn, and work successfully in an increasingly complex and information-rich society, students must be able to use technology effectively.

Within an effective educational setting, technology can enable students to become:

  • Capable information technology users
  • Information seekers, analyzers, and evaluators
  • Problem solvers and decision makers
  • Creative and effective users of productivity tools
  • Communicators, collaborators, publishers, and producers
  • Informed, responsible, and contributing citizens

Norwalk Technology Vendor Registration Form

1:1 Chromebook Program

All our District’s 1:1 program information is available in Google Drive. Use these links to review that information:
1:1 Program Handbook

Parent Information on Chromebooks

Contact Technology