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The Iowa Professional Development Model

The Iowa Student Achievement and Teacher Quality Act (2001, 2007) required the Iowa Department of Education to establish a model for professional development and created an expectation that school districts implement professional development for the purposes of accomplishing gains in student achievement.  In Norwalk, we utilize the Iowa Professional Development Model to continuous improvement and to maintain a clear focus on improved student learning.


As a professional learning community system, Norwalk has identified key long range professional learning goals for our staff members. These long range professional learning goals for staff form the backbone of our Annual Improvement Goals.

For more information about our targeted outcomes and professional learning for this school year, please review our NCSD District Improvement and Professional Learning Plan 2022-2023 and our Professional Learning Calendar for 2022-2023.

Norwalk’s Theory of Action

If we…

  • Build a K-12 Professional Learning Community (PLC) culture with a focus on collaboration, results, and high levels of learning for all students.
  • Develop, design and implement a guaranteed and viable curriculum aligned to the Iowa Core, Universal Constructs and the Characteristics of Effective Instruction.
  • Develop, design and implement a systemic instructional framework that includes a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) for academics and behavior.
  • Develop, design and implement standards-referenced instruction, assessment, grading and reporting practices that inform students, parents, teachers and administrators.
  • Create a systemic focus on teacher leadership, coaching, and job-embedded professional development.
  • Commit to an efficient, effective and equitable allocation of resources designed to support improved student learning.

…then we can ensure high levels of learning for all Norwalk students and staff.

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