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The District will be spraying the following Turf/grass areas for weeds starting July 22nd. Oviatt, High School, Baseball and Softball fields. All areas will be marked with signage. Para Interview Days Announced! Learn More Here! 

The goal of our SRG Course Guides is to communicate the proficiency scales, units of instruction, and major assessments that are a part of our secondary courses using standards-referenced grading and reporting practices.

6-12 SRG Course Guides

District 4.0 Learning Scale

Scale Score Academic Descriptor Student-Friendly Description
4 Exceeds Standard I have demonstrated in-depth understanding of the learning goal beyond what was taught.
3 Meets Standard I have met the learning goal.
2 Approaching Standard I have demonstrated the foundational skills and knowledge for the learning goal, and I am almost there.
1 Below Standard I have some understanding of the learning goal, but I  have a long way to go.
O Even with help, no understanding or skill demonstrated I have submitted evidence, but it does not show that I understand the learning goal.
M Incomplete or no evidence submitted I have not submitted any acceptable evidence to show my understanding of the learning goal.