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Notice: Many Pay-for-Ride routes are at capacity and not able to accept new riders.

Transportation requests are made through the online registration application.

Norwalk Community School District’s Transportation Department is responsible for transporting students and educational supplies and equipment throughout the district. Iowa law does not require school districts to transport students that reside within two miles for grades K-8 or three miles for grades 9-12. Districts are not required to maintain seating space on school buses for students who are otherwise to be provided transportation if the students do not or will not regularly utilize the district’s transportation service for extended periods of time during the school year.

School cancellations or delays will be called into the following radio and television stations by 6:30AM: WHO, KIOA/KRNT, KJJY, KXLQ Indianola, KWKY, KGGO, WHO TV, KCCI TV, and WOI TV.

The Norwalk Community School District will make school closing, delays, hard surface only, and early dismissal decisions based on the safety of our students and district employees.

Radio and television stations will be contacted to make announcements concerning early dismissal. Elementary would be dismissed at 1PM, High/Middle school at 1:30PM whenever possible. This information will also be sent out via Infinite Campus Messenger and Messenger Voice/Texting service.


Transportation Change Form

Staff vehicle request form

Transportation policy changes (PDF)

Busing Pay for Ride Maps

Paved hard surface roads & delays

There may be times when a decision is made to have school buses run on paved hard surface roads only. If you live on a gravel road you will need to take your student(s) to the closest paved hard surface road to meet the bus. Please review our Hard Surface Only Bus Stops for pick up and drop off locations along with times. PM routes will run hard surface also that day.

There may be times when a transportation employee will call individual families to arrange an alternative pick up location due to poor road or turn around conditions.

Buses will leave the garage early so they are at their first designated stop on time. Depending on road conditions, bus routes may run late. Drivers will alert their supervisor via two-way radio if they are running more than 10 minutes late. If your bus is more than 10 minutes late, call the Transportation Department at 981-0016 for an update.

Non-Public Student Transportation Reimbursement

Student attending accredited non-public schools, may be eligible for transportation reimbursement. The non-public student transportation applications are processed by the
Norwalk Transportation Dept.  All requests must be submitted on the state form and submitted directly to the Norwalk Transportation Director, Carlos Guerra (

Parents are required to submit an application prior to December 1st  for first semester and prior to May 1st  for second semester. Parents are responsible to confirm that Mr. Guerra satisfactorily received the application timely. The District files both the first and second semester applications with the Iowa Department of Education in May.  Following state review, the District normally receives payment in August. The District does not reimburse parents until the State of Iowa sends the funds to the District. Parents can anticipate receiving payment in either August or September.

Nonpublic Parent Reimbursement Request Form IOWA DEPT OF EDUCATION

Kadyn’s Law and Stop Arm Violations

Kadyn’s Law Safety Video

IOWA DOT School Bus Safety Brochure

Contact Transportation