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The Norwalk Community School District contracts with a private company (Street Smarts) to provide driver’s education instruction. Street Smarts offers several training sessions during the school year.  Parents are required to enroll their student directly with Street Smarts.  Terms of enrollment and all conditions of the training program are administered by Street Smarts.

Registration and payment can be completed on the Street Smarts website or by calling 515-279-1112.

Driver’s Education fees are subject to a fee waiver if the parent is eligible for free or reduced meals. The parent must complete a fee waiver form for the student electing to take driver’s education prior to enrollment with Street Smarts. The fee waiver form is available on the school district’s website or by calling 515-981-9876. All fee waivers application must be verified and approved by the district. Norwalk Community School will not waive any driver’s education fees if the waiver is not approved prior to enrollment.