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Mission Statement: Growing Learners and Leaders

In addition to this new mission statement, our SIAC defined five core attributes of learners and leaders in our system:

Norwalk Learners and Leaders are:


  • Demonstrates self-efficacy
  • Demonstrates a growth mindset
  • Recognizes strengths and areas of growth
  • Engages in metacognition and reflection


  • Proactively sets goals and self-monitors progress
  • Takes purposeful initiative
  • Demonstrates enthusiasm, grit and persistence
  • Cultivates leadership opportunities for self and others


  • Embraces curiosity and inquiry
  • Engages in critical thinking
  • Identifies and solves problems
  • Uses creative and flexible thinking


  • Demonstrates empathy and respect for others
  • Appreciates diversity
  • Develops equity consciousness
  • Listens and communicates effectively


  • Engages with the community
  • Understands civic responsibilities
  • Builds healthy relationships
  • Participates in teamwork and collaboration

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