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Norwalk’s Teacher Leadership and Compensation System


As an early innovator in Iowa’s Teacher Leadership and Compensation System, Norwalk Schools embraced a culture of continuous improvement through teacher leadership.

The goals of Norwalk’s Teacher Leadership and Compensation System are:

  1. To improve student achievement through systemic, comprehensive instructional coaching.
  2. To establish a professional learning community culture through collaboration and job-embedded professional development in accordance with the Iowa Professional Development Model.
  3. To ensure that all students receive access to the Iowa Core by supporting the development and implementation of a guaranteed and viable curriculum.
  4. To develop and sustain the capacity of teachers to provide evidence-based instruction within an MTSS framework.
  5. To expand and increase opportunities for meaningful feedback, support, and collaboration for teachers new to our district through a comprehensive, multi-year mentoring and induction program.

Our TLC Roles

Norwalk’s TLC plan defines more than fifty roles that will create increased teacher leadership opportunities for more than 25% of our teaching staff.  While each role serves a differentiated purpose, they are all part of a cohesive instructional improvement plan that is targeted to Norwalk’s specific school improvement goals.