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If injured at work, tell your supervisor right away and call EMC OnCall Nurse at 1-844-322-4668.

Norwalk CSD is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees. As part of this commitment, we shall make every reasonable effort to provide suitable temporary employment to any employee unable to perform his or her job duties as a result of a workplace injury or illness. This may include a modification to the employee’s original position or providing an alternative position, depending on the employee’s medical restrictions, providing that this does not create an undue hardship to Norwalk CSD. This program applies to all employees with work-related injuries and/or illnesses.
Only work that is considered meaningful and productive shall be considered for use in the return to work program. Employees placed on a return to work plan will be expected to provide feedback in order to improve the program. All employees, regardless of injury or illness, will be considered for placement through the return to work program.