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Norwalk Athletic Booster Club

Be A Warrior, Be A Booster

The Norwalk Athletic Booster Club (NABC) assists in the funding of Middle School and High School athletics and activities which includes the purchasing of uniforms and equipment for over 20 different programs (see our Spending page for more details). Funding for this mission is obtained through memberships, concessions, benefits, and tournament sponsorship. Your membership and volunteerism in this vital funding organization is essential to its success. Become a member and get involved in this very important component of Norwalk athletics and activities.

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Norwalk Music Boosters

Our charter as a non-profit, parent-run organization is to help support all of the vocal and instrumental programs within Norwalk Iowa’s public schools.

  • We organize fundraising
  • Provide event support and
  • Work to enhance and support the program offerings

Did you know?

  • The Music Boosters support all music programs, band and vocal, in all grades
  • We are a group of parents who meet for one hour, once a month
  • We provide grants for students involved in music throughout the summer months
  • You don’t have to have a student in music or band to be a booster…only someone with a love of music

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Norwalk Student Education Foundation

NSEF provides students, organizations and teachers with support and resources that allow Norwalk to reach beyond budget limitations. NSEF provides a convenient way for you to actively participate in the future of your children, your grandchildren and all the students of Norwalk.


The foundation is an independent, community based 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization that is incorporated in the State of Iowa. It is operated by dedicated volunteers that have a passion for education in their community. The foundation is required to file annual reports to the IRS and bi-annual filings to the Secretary of State in Iowa. Donors can be assured that the foundation is operated independently and also makes decisions independently. Funds are administered by the Board of Directors in accordance with the guidelines of the foundation and the donating benefactors.

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Norwalk Parent Teacher Organization

The objectives of the Norwalk PTO are:

  1. To encourage communication and involvement among parents, teachers, and students.
  2. To assist teachers and students in furthering the education and development goals of the school.
  3. To provide additional resources and support for student and teacher activities.
  4. To support projects that will benefit students in the school, as well as in the home and community.
  5. To foster a spirit of cooperation between parents and teachers and to assist in and enhance the students’ education.

Why PTO Needs You!

PTO depends on the generosity of parents and teachers as well as Norwalk community members and businesses. Generosity of not only funds, but also time and talents. In Norwalk, we are very fortunate to have a great school system with dedicated teachers and administrators. PTO works to provide them with the tools and activities that are not allotted for in the general budget.