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Dual Enrolled Students

Students have the option of being dual enrolled in the Norwalk School District. If parent decide to pursue this option, this means that their child:

  • must receive at least one-quarter of his or her instruction through competent private instruction (CPI) and no more than three-quarters by means of the districts academic programs. For secondary students, this equates to at least 2 periods of CPI and no more than 6 periods of direct school instruction, which includes art, music, and PE.
  • may participate in the district’s extracurricular and academic activities in the same manner as other students. The same policies and administrative rules shall apply in the same manner to dual enrolled students as other students.

Homeschooled Students and Graduation

The Iowa Department of Education reminds us that all parents who homeschool their children should meet with district officials prior to a student’s 9th grade year to established high school plans.  The reason for this is that in order to receive a Norwalk School District diploma, each student must meet all credit requirements established per school board policy.

Please refer to the following documents for additional information:

2021-2022 Private Instruction Handbook

Private Instruction Board Policy (PDF)

Dual Enrollment (PDF)

Here is the school board policies For more information, please visit the Iowa of Department of Education’s webpage regarding private instruction and home schooling.

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