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The District will be spraying the following Turf/grass areas for weeds starting July 22nd. Oviatt, High School, Baseball and Softball fields. All areas will be marked with signage. Para Interview Days Announced! Learn More Here! 

Norwalk students who are considered “at-risk” are those who require additional support to meet the established goals of the educational program (academic, personal/social, career/vocational). At-risk students include homeless children and youth, dropouts, returning dropouts, and potential dropouts. (Iowa Code 12.2 (256)) The criteria for identification include:

  • High rate of absenteeism, truancy, or frequent tardiness.
  • Limited or no extracurricular participation or lack of identification with school including expressed feelings of not belonging.
  • Poor grades including, but not limited to, failing in one or more school subjects or grade levels.
  • Low achievement scores in reading or mathematics which reflects achievement at two years or more below grade level.

Typically, around 5% of the district student enrollment meet at least two or these criteria and qualified as being “at-risk.” Currently, the Norwalk School District is refining its identification criteria, reviewing and expanding the services being offered to our at-risk students, and setting up an ongoing process for evaluating the supports. The goal will be to reduce the number of at-risk students and to better serve those students who are so identified.

For additional information on at-risk services, please contact Eric Neessen, Director of Student Services, at 515-981-0676 or any of the building principals.

Contact the Director of Student Services