Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum for Every Student

In What Works in Schools (2003), Robert Marzano identifies a guaranteed and viable curriculum as the most powerful variable related to student achievement.  A guaranteed and viable curriculum is much more than a curriculum guide or a textbook; rather, it closes the gap between the intended curriculum and the implemented curriculum.  In Leaders of Learning (2011), Richard DuFour and Robert Marzano further define the concept of a guaranteed and viable curriculum:

The only way the curriculum in a school can truly be guaranteed is if the teachers themselves, those who are called upon to deliver the curriculum, have worked collaboratively to do the following:

  • Study the intended curriculum.
  • Agree upon priorities within the curriculum.
  • Clarify how the curriculum translates into student knowledge and skills.
  • Establish general pacing guidelines for delivering the curriculum.
  • Commit to one another that they will, in fact, teach the agreed-upon curriculum.

Norwalk is committed to providing a guaranteed and viable curriculum in all content areas and to every student.

Norwalk’s Vision of Teaching and Learning

In Norwalk, we share a vision of teaching and learning that guides our work related to curriculum, instruction, assessment and professional development.  As a system, we are working to realize this cohesive vision on our continuous journey of school improvement.

Vision of T & L