School Bus Rules and Discipline Procedures

School Bus Disciplinary Procedure

The operation of a safe, efficient, economical transportation program requires that all passengers observe the attached set of rules and regulations. Failure to observe the rules and regulations will result in disciplinary action being taken. In order to avoid any misunderstanding about disciplinary action that might develop at a future date, the procedures below will be followed:

Prior to a First Violation students will be given a warning(s) of unacceptable behavior.

  1. First Violation: The driver will inform the student of the unacceptable behavior and will file a school bus incident report which will be given to the Transportation Director who will forward it to the appropriate Principal. The student and/or parent will be contacted. Hopefully, this will be the extent of the student’s unacceptable behavior.
  2. Second Violation: A second incident report filed by a bus driver will be filed with the Director of Transportation who will forward it to the appropriate Principal. A copy of this report will be sent to the parent by mail and the parent will be contacted by phone. Student will loose their bus riding privilege for one(1) day.
  3. Third Violation: Upon receiving a third bus incident report the student will be informed by the Principal that they have lost their bus riding privileges for three(3) days. Parents will be notified of the student’s removal from the bus.
  4. Fourth Violation: Will result in loss of bus riding privileges for the balance of the semester (or a minimum of four weeks).

Major rule violation may result in an immediate suspension of the bus riding privilege.
A driver will be advised of disciplinary measures involving students he/she reports.

Bus Rules

  1. Riders are to remain seated and facing forward at all times.
  2. There is to be no pushing, scuffling, or fighting in or around the bus.
  3. Riders will not destroy bus seats. Feet are to be kept off of the seats and on the floor.
  4. Riders are not to eat or drink wile on the bus.
  5. Riders are not to whistle, yell, or make other disrupting noises. Music devices need to be used with headphones.
  6. Riders are not to put any part of the body out the windows.
  7. Riders are not to throw any object out of the bus.
  8. Riders are not to throw any object within the bus.
  9. Riders are to be absolutely quiet while the bus is stopped at a railroad crossing.
  10. Unacceptable language will not be tolerated. Driver will be the one to decide what is appropriate.
  11. Riders are to keep the aisle of the bus clear.
  12. Instruments or items larger than a trombone are not allowed on the bus.
  13. No spitting or littering.
  14. Tampering with safety equipment is a major violation.