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2021 School Board Elections are Nov. 2nd! Meet the Candidates COVID-19 Updates & Resources

Registration for the 2021-22 school year will begin in May.

Please log in to your Parent Portal account for the registration link.

Parents who have a PK or Kindergarten student beginning in the fall you will add them using the “Add New Student” button on the “Student Tab” within the application.

For families who qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch, visit the Nutrition page for information and application forms.

Paying Student Fees

Payment (for fees, food service accounts, daycare, preschool, activities, and other programs) can be made online through Revtrak online payment service. Revtrak is a quick and easy way to submit payments to the district and does not charge additional fees.  If you prefer to drop off or mail a check, you may send a check to the district office at 380 Wright Rd. Norwalk, IA  50211 Please include your child’s name on all submitted checks. Cash payments can also be made at district office using the drop off box located by the main entrance.


For all registrations received after August 1st, the District may impose a two-week delay between when your student’s enrollment is approved when the student is placed on a bus route. If the student’s pick up or drop off location(s) are in a Pay-for-Ride area the delay could be longer or no bussing available. Pay-for-Ride is an optional service and available seats are limited.


Learn more on the Transportation page

Contact the Registrar