ATTENTION all PARENTS of Seniors in Spring and Summer Sports or Spring Activities.


The Yearbook staff is still hard at work trying to make your child’s senior year memorable beyond the COVID 19 pandemic.  You can help!  Please send me three pictures of your senior.

1.) A picture of them in their spring sports uniform or speech T-Shirt or Drama T-shirt or Fashion show project, etc. Please have them pose on your front step.

2) A fun picture of them practicing their activity using a roll of toilet paper. So, if they are a golfer, have them Tee up a roll of toilet paper and get them in their backswing with the TP in the pic.  Or, if they do track, have a TP baton. If they were going to be in the spring play, maybe they are giving their lines to a TP character . . . hopefully you get the idea.

3). Finally, if they are doing workouts or practicing their sport/ activity – take a pic of that too.

We want to recognize your child in their senior year.   Please help us give them the Warrior Credit they deserve!

Send photos to