Norwalk Community School District
March 3
rd General Obligation Bond Election

A BIG thank you goes out to the 1,837 voters that took time to vote March 3rd in the bond election for Norwalk Schools. This election by far had the largest voter participation pf any previous elections over the past 20 years. The voters approved the measure with a 77% majority to construct a large building addition (NPECC) at the Secondary Campus High School/Eastview 8/9 School/Middle School) that will include a new gymnasium, locker rooms, multipurpose space, classroom renovations and paved parking at the south baseball/softball fields. Your participation is greatly appreciated, and each vote made a difference. 

During the past 10 years, the citizens of Norwalk have recognized the need to construct new classrooms and improve existing facilities by generously supporting school bond elections. Tuesday’s vote marked another milestone toward progress on meeting the District’s 20-Year Master Facility Plan to manage enrollment growth at Norwalk Schools. Construction of a new gymnasium and associated PE/athletic spaces has been identified on the District’s Master Facility Plan since 2004. The District had identified the need and the location. The only remaining piece to make this a reality was the ability to fund this large-scale construction. Over time, the economic growth within the school district made this possible and the voters responded with approval to proceed with the bond to fund construction. 

It takes a team of people to develop long range plans and provide data which drives the decision-making process. Without participation from citizens, parents, students, teachers, architects, engineers, and other professionals, our planning for the future would not be possible. For additional information on the proposed projects, please visit the District website, . 

On behalf of the students, school board and staff, I thank you for your support of the Norwalk Schools mission of “Growing Learners and Leaders” for our future. 

Maribeth Wright President, Board of Education Norwalk Community Schools