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(BP 5-3.3, 503.3R1) Payment of student fees is due at the time of enrollment. Fees amounts are for the full year (two semesters).

All student fees for the student household must be paid in full before parents are eligible to purchase optional school services such as Pay-for-Ride Transportation or Student and Family Activity Passes.

Refund of student fees

The District may refund textbook rental fees on a semester basis. If a student attends any portion of a semester, the parent/guardian will be responsible for payment of the semester fees. The refund check will be paid to the party that paid the fees. Second semester fees paid in August or during the first semester may be reimbursed upon request if the student terminates enrollment prior to the beginning of the second semester. Activity Passes and other student fees are not subject to reimbursement.

Student Transportation and Pay-for-Ride

Students are not eligible for school transportation without a bus pass.  Parents/guardians must apply each year to request transportation services. Parents/guardians must pay the scheduled fees for any pay-for-ride services to obtain a bus pass. Reimbursement of Pay-for-Ride: The District may refund fees for 2nd semester if the parent turns in the bus pass prior to the last Friday in January.

Fee Waivers

Parents/guardians qualifying for free or reduced meals are required to sign a fee waiver each year. The fee waiver must be processed by September 30th for students enrolled prior to September 30th. If fees have been paid the District will reimburse any fees subject to the fee waiver. New enrollees after September 30th must apply for a fee waiver at the time of enrollment to qualify.

Reissuance of Student ID Cards

A parent may be charged a $10 fee for reissuance of any student ID card if the card is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond functionality.  The $10 reissuance fees will be charged to the student’s lunch account. The District may also charge a $10 for the reissuance of a student bus pass.

Preschool Fees

The preschool fees are not subject to the fee waiver.  Fees for non- special education preschool students must be paid prior to attendance.  If the fees are not paid, the student will be removed from enrollment.

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