The Norwalk Community School District would like to thank members of the community, as well as students, staff, parents and families for providing feedback in last summer’s Rebranding Survey.

The NCSD formed an official District Branding Committee in 2019 composed of staff, students, coaches, a school board member, a booster club member, a Norwalk City Council Member and Norwalk residents/parents to support the work of creating a new brand. Read NCSD Rebranding Press Release here. To obtain community feedback, the Committee deployed a branding survey in June 2020 to help fuel future development of this work. The goal of the survey was to capture the targeted audience’s thoughts on modifications that will be made to our current Norwalk Warrior brand as well as the possible development of a new school mascot/Warrior image. With the new NPECC (Norwalk Physical Education and Competition Center) construction breaking ground Summer of 2021, the District has identified this time as the ideal opportunity to refresh and develop a new identity that will carry Norwalk Schools forward into a new Warrior brand.

Results from the previous survey can be viewed here NCSD REBRANDING SURVEY RESULTS (CHARTS)

Members of the Branding Committee were given access to all survey results and discussed key takeaways and next steps. Key items identified and decisions finalized from this survey included:

  1. 831 total participants responded to the rebranding survey. 
  2. Our largest pool of respondents were as follows: parent/staff 405, parent/alumni 159, and students 111
  3. Although purple and gold were selected as the top choice for survey participants, the committee decided that purple would remain the primary color, and that silver, black and white would be used as main accent color options. Gold would only be used for minor accents when needed and special events/ceremonies. This new color usage will help distinguish our district apart from surrounding schools with the same color scheme and help with gold printing issues and uniform selections.
  4. Survey participants voted 57% yes to 44% no for a new mascot. Spartan, American soldier and knight were the top choices for a Warrior image in our survey results. The committee discussed the idea of an American Soldier and talked about the feedback that was provided in the survey. Taking advice from the majority of opposing feedback on the soldier concept, the committee decided not to replicate any type of American Soldier imagery and therefore agreed to remove this concept from future development. Concept designs created are a mix of spartan and knight with a slightly modern and futuristic look.

After reviewing feedback and insight from the survey, the Branding Committee has since moved forward with creative imagery and concepts for a new Norwalk Warrior brand and mascot design. The committee was able to vote on five different concepts and has narrowed their selections down to three of the strongest concepts for consideration. The committee has also voted to include Norwalk students and staff in the final round of the selection process. Top choices of Norwalk students and staff will be reviewed by the committee and presented to the Norwalk CSD Board of Directors for formal approval. Once a new warrior design is chosen and approved, committee members will work to modify and finalize elements, logo variations and a new Warrior branding guide. The imagery that is chosen will also be used to develop a kit of symbols for a variety of uses including printing, embroidery, signage, etc. Below are the initial concepts students and staff will get to vote on starting Friday, November 6.

Honoring the Past: 

It was always important that we honor the history of Norwalk Schools. With that in mind, Norwalk Schools will remain the Warriors and our main color palette will stay true to tradition with a few minor edits. Our current N will also remain and be an important component of both our new mascot and our new activities and athletics logo. Tradition has a strong hold on these aspects of our brand identity, and we were committed to keeping them.