Deadline is Today, Friday, Sept. 11 to Change RRL or In-Person Learning Module for Students

Reminder: The deadline to submit a request for Required Remote Learning or Return as Normal (On-Site) with Modifications is today, Friday, Sept. 11 at 11:59 PM.


Current Required Remote Students: 

The NCSD Board of Directors met on Wednesday, September 2 and made the decision to allow parents to request that current Required Remote Learning students participating in the fully online learning model be allowed to return to the fully in-person Return as Normal (On-Site) with Modification learning model.  Parents who wish to have their student(s) transition back to in-person learning will need to email Superintendent Magee and their student’s building principal (see below for email addresses) by Friday, September 11, 2020.  

Superintendent Magee’s email address –

Oviatt Elementary Principal Amy Gage’s email address –

Orchard Hills Elementary Principal Sheila Taylor’s email address –

Lakewood Elementary Principal Jill Anderson’s email address –

Norwalk Middle School Principal Beth Ward’s email address –

Eastview 8/9 School Principal Dr. Jody Ratigan’s email address –

Norwalk High School Principal Chris Basinger’s email address –


Current Return as Normal (On-Site) with Modifications Students: 

The Voluntary Required Remote Learning option for families has been reopened until Friday, September 11th. Families who would like to move their student(s) from the in-person learning model to Required Remote Learning should submit their request using the Norwalk CSD Parent Request for Required Remote Learning Form available at this link:

Duane (D.T.) Magee
Norwalk Community School District