Norwalk School District Sets Budget for 2020-2021


Kate Baldwin, Executive Director of Admin Services April 3, 2020 

The Norwalk School Board is scheduled to approve the 2020-2021 budget at the April 13th meeting, 6 pm at Norwalk Schools District Office, 380 Wright Road. This meeting may be conducted via electronic media connection if safety precautions dictate the necessity to avoid group meetings due to the COVID 19 pandemic. A copy of the budget summary is attached below. 

State revenues have continued to improve over the past couple of years. In early March, the Iowa legislature approved a 2.3% increase in K-12 per pupil finding for 2020-2021. This percentage is up from the 2.06% for 2019-2020. This increase was approved prior to the recent events that the COVID pandemic has hurled upon our state and across America. At this point, the District has no expectation the State will make any reductions in our local or stated funding. The Board will continue to monitor the current 19-20 budget and budgeted expenditures for 20-21, making adjustments as necessary to respond to expectations of the state as well as the needs of our students, staff and parents. I do know that Norwalk will utilize our resources efficiently and effectively to maintain a strong educational program. 

The School District is reducing the total property tax levy by approximately 7 cents. The Board was able to reduce the levy slightly while absorbing the levying capacity for the new bond issue approved on March 3rd to construct the Norwalk PE and Competition Center (NPECC) and additional classrooms at the High School. Much of the levy reduction is due to increased property valuations. In addition, the State of Iowa is supplementing school district revenues through increased per pupil funding to provide property tax relief for commercial and residential property owners.

Below is a recap of the District’s General Fund (operating budget) 2020-2021 budgeted revenues, expenditures and enrollment. You can see the annual enrollment growth is exceeding 125 students per year.