Norwalk Parents and Families,

In light of the heartbreaking school shooting today in Perry, I want to assure Norwalk CSD students, parents, staff members, and the community that our district’s highest priority is creating a safe and secure learning environment. 

NCSD utilizes a number of campus safety protocols designed to enhance the safety of our students, staff, and visitors including:

  • A safety plan available to each staff member
  • Fire, severe weather, and building lockdown drills
  • An extensive surveillance camera system at each district building
  • Secure front entrances at each school building with one point of entry through which all visitors must check in
  • Building lockdown procedures and systems
  • Consistent monitoring of school grounds by the Norwalk Police Department
  • A Norwalk Police Department School Resource Officer is consistently available in the district
  • Regular security protocol checks conducted by a designated district staff member
  • Ongoing guidance from the district’s Safety School Improvement Advisory Committee
  • Availability of internal and external school counseling and mental health counseling services 

A key aspect of keeping our district and communities safe is for individuals to report concerns to law enforcement and/or school officials. If anyone sees or hears any troubling comments or information in person, on social media, or anywhere else, please contact the proper authorities immediately. The Norwalk Police Department may be reached at 911 for all emergencies and (515) 222-3321 for all non-emergencies. Call the district office at (515) 981-0676 to report any information you believe the district should investigate.


Shawn Holloway

Norwalk Superintendent