​It’s hard to believe it’s we’re almost finished with the first week of May!

Grades will be due before we know it.  All seniors need to have late work and re-assessments completed by May 13.  Sophomores and Juniors need to have late work are re-assessment completed by May 22.

See the full message about grading here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W26J4dPqvWXhFAlHV8ptB_WO8ydE6VGZracJj84u9KY/edit

Also, don’t forget about locker clean out next week.  We need everyone to sign up for a time by tomorrow.  Here was the message sent out earlier in the week: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12LCG3GHbCA77_G5FpuJiCL-CSCYH4F0fA_O37sjvh4s/edit

Please note:  if you do not have some sort of mask, you will not be allowed into the building.  We have custodians working throughout the summer to keep the building clean and we want to keep them safe.

Also, if you need to keep materials to finish up a class (AP textbook because the test is late next week, PCs for BOS class, etc.) please keep those items.  We will schedule another day in late May or early June after all classes are finished for students to drop off items.

Stay Safe!

Chris Basinger


Norwalk High School