REMINDER: All Norwalk Schools and all facilities are CLOSED through Sunday, April 12 with a possible return date of Monday, April 13. Per the Governor’s recommendation, Iowa schools have closed for four (4) weeks due to community spread of the COVID-19 virus. Please go to this link to read the full statement from the Governor’s office on 3/15/20:

In addition, Governor Reynolds has also issued new self-isolation guidelines for anyone who has recently traveled out-of-state. Iowans who have traveled recently for business or spring break vacations, whether internationally or domestically outside of Iowa, should strongly consider self-isolating for 14 days. This will support Iowa’s ongoing efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, and limit the introduction of the virus from other points of travel. Iowa has implemented many provisions to emphasize social distancing, and self-isolation after travel is another measure we can take to slow the spread of the virus and avoid quickly overburdening our healthcare system.

Additionally, Iowans should self-isolate for 14 days in the following situations:
• If you have been on an international cruise in the last 14 days.
• If you have traveled internationally or out-of-state in the last 14 days.
• If you live with someone who has symptoms of COVID-19 or has tested positive for COVID-19.

The Norwalk Community School District has recently posted various resources online to help support parents during this time. Please visit our website at or follow us on Facebook @NorwalkCSD and Twitter @NorwalkSchools for the latest information.