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Scholarship Information and Important Links…

The below picture is linked to all scholarships from businesses/agencies from the state of Iowa to national scholarships.

Click the below “scholarship” picture.  The link will take you to the scholarship google folder. This folder contains important information for scholarships, financial aid, and other career/college links.  This link is updated throughout the year!


LOCAL Scholarships are closed now until the beginning of 2019

Please email if you have any questions.

All information will be updated the week of February 9.

The “Purple and Gold”  picture is linked to all local scholarship.  ALL the scholarships are donations from individuals, groups, organizations, and business for the NHS Seniors.

Scholarship Applications are due to the NHS Advocates Office by 3:00 pm March 30th.


How to submit a recommendation for a student and/or for a student to find information about recommendations!

Click on HERE to get the recommendation form!