NHS Profile, Honors, Awards

Below is the link to the yearly NHS Profile.

The information is provided to colleges/universities, employers, and scholarship committees.

NHS Profile Link

Academic Pin and Bars

At the start of each school year students in grades 9 – 12 who have earned a 3.500 grade point average BOTH semesters the year prior will be invited to the Fall academic ceremony.  The ceremony is hosted by the National Honor Society and the Student Advocates Office.  The first year a student receives the 3.500 for both semesters an academic pin is presented.  Each year after the student will receive a bar.  Grade point averages will not be rounded up.  The ceremony is usually the last Wednesday in August.


Honor Roll

At the end of each semester any student with a 3.250 or higher grade point average will be on the honor roll for the semester.  Grade point averages will not be rounded up.


National Honor Society

During the 2nd semester of a student’s junior year anyone in the top 10% of the class will be invited to apply for induction into the NHS National Honor Society.  Currently Mr. Kurtt is the sponsor and any questions should be directed to him at ckurtt@norwalk.k12.ia.us.  If a grade point average is used for final selection the average will not be rounded up.


Senior Honors Night

Each year on the Thursday before graduation the NHS Senior Honors Night is conducted.  The event starts at 7:00 pm and is in the NPAC.  Seniors will be recognized with scholarships, honors, and department awards.  A messenger will be sent out at least a week prior to notify parents/guardians of the honor.