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The 1/25/21 School Board meeting livestream link is not working due to technical difficulties this evening. We will share the recording as soon as it is available. No school for all Norwalk students Tuesday, Jan. 26 (in-person and remote). Stay safe! COVID-19 CASE DATA & INFORMATION UPDATES

The City of Norwalk offers a distinct identity— a family-friendly and economically strong community with a business friendly atmosphere conveniently located in the southern part of the metro and has been deemed the safest city in the state of Iowa in 2018. Norwalk shares borders with neighboring cities of Des Moines, West Des Moines and Cumming and serves as the closest suburban community to the Des Moines International Airport.

Norwalk features a newer housing stock, world class schools and some of the best golf around. Voted BusinessWeek’s “Best Affordable Suburb” in Iowa in 2010, Norwalk reaps the benefit of being one of the preeminent suburban communities in the Des Moines Metro and is proud to be in the state of Iowa that has been deemed the #1 state in the country for jobs in 2019.

To see our community at a glance, you are welcome to view these videos or read about Norwalk’s commercial development projects (PDF) which shows the business growth in our community slated for present day or near future.

Norwalk is the 3rd wealthiest community in central Iowa with median household income over $81,000.

Municipal resources

Norwalk has several growth areas that are just now preparing to break loose.  Some of the ideas and concepts coming forward is a new downtown concept.  The developments include mixed use housing that can help provide housing needs for a wide variety of incomes.  It also includes open space for community events.  And all of this with the goal of making Norwalk a more walkable community. Find out more about the City of Norwalk and our Chamber of Commerce.

Parts of our school district are touched by other parts of the Des Moines Metro. You can find additional information at their websites listed here:

As part of the Des Moines Metro, Norwalk benefits when the entire metro grows. We share the targeted industries, knowing when the metro succeeds, so does Norwalk. In addition to the metros key industries, Financial Services, Logistics, Bioscience and Data Centers, and with one of the lowest retails sales per capita in the entire state, Norwalk residents typically shop in neighboring communities, making Norwalk primed for retail development.