Securly Filter


Norwalk Schools is now using an internet filter, Securly, that requires a security certificate to be installed on ALL devices that use our network. We have pre-loaded this certificate on many computers and devices. However, we may have missed some devices, and this certificate will need to be loaded on any personal devices you wish to connect to use here at school. The installation is quick and easy. In most cases, it is simply a matter of downloading the certificate, clicking it, and following the onscreen instructions. Note: installing this certificate will have no effect on your device when its off the school network.

To get the Securly certificate click the link below:

1. iPhones / iPads

2. Android


3. Mac OS X computers

4. Firefox on PCs

5. Personal Chromebooks (School Chromebooks are already taken care of)



6. PCs not managed by the school.


6a. Windows Certificate Installer requires .NET


6b. Windows Certificate BAT file