Our Community

The City of Norwalk offers a distinct identity— a family-friendly and economically strong community with a business friendly atmosphere conveniently located in the southern part of the metro and has been deemed the safest city in the state of Iowa in 2019. Norwalk shares borders with neighboring cities of Des Moines, West Des Moines and Cumming and serves as the closest suburban community to the Des Moines International Airport.

Norwalk features a newer housing stock, world class schools and some of the best golf around. Voted BusinessWeek’s “Best Affordable Suburb” in Iowa in 2010, Norwalk reaps the benefit of being one of the preeminent suburban communities in the Des Moines Metro and is proud to be in the state of Iowa that has been deemed the #1 state in the country for jobs in 2019.

To see our community at a glance, you are welcome to view these videos  or view this pdf that shows the business growth in our community slated for present day or near future.

  • Norwalk is the 3rd wealthiest community in central Iowa with median household income over $81,000.
  • Third fastest growing community in the Des Moines Metro
  • Norwalk has had an increase in population of more than 13% in the last 5 years 
  • Norwalk has been ranked in the top 10 statewide and nationally for the school district, overall safety, growth rates, best place to live, and best golf courses. 
  • The Economic Development Department showed a 33% increase in new businesses between 2015 and 2017, 6 expansions, and 14 new businesses that should be opened by the end of 2018. 
  • Norwalk was one of the first 3 cities in the state of Iowa to establish official governmental international designations (Vushtrri, Kosovo and new member of the Des Moines Regional Sister Cities Commission)
    • Windsor Windows completed most of their construction in 2017 and was operational early in 2018.

      • Windsor Windows will have approximately 75 employees and have over $10 million of valuation

    • Michael Foods is also moving quickly with construction of their facility.

      • Michael Foods will have a value of around $20 million and approximately 200 jobs.

    • Last year Norwalk broke a new record with 247 single family homes constructed.This year we are on track to see the same number of homes constructed.

    • We have 4 residential developments (Hughes, Brody’s, Arbor Glynn 6, Sunset Estates) coming online in the next couple years.  This will introduce over 100 acres of land for residential use with future phases totaling over 200 acres. This will result in over 1,200 available single-family home building sites.

      • We have two commercial retail plazas currently under construction (one has 4 lease spaces and the other has 2), we will be excited to see businesses quickly fill up these spaces.

      • We have a new bank coming to town – Luana Savings, they will locate near Arbys and start construction this fall.

      • An O’Rielly auto parts store is set to begin construction in front of Fareway.

      • And we have a new senior care/memory care facility open west of Git-n-Go on Beardsley Ave.

      • We also expect our local City State Bank to announce their ground breaking for a new bank along Hwy 28

      • Last but not least, DRAUGHT HOUSE!  They are desirous to be open for the Super Bowl, 2019.

        We are also aware of almost 400 acres of land in and around Norwalk for some type of future development.

        Some of our projects include:

        • Resurfacing of North Avenue.

        • Dedication of Warrior Park near the new Orchard Hills Elementary School.

        • And some new bike trails!

2018 Growth Infographic (1)

          Norwalk has several growth areas that are just now preparing to break loose.  Some of the ideas and concepts coming forward is a new downtown concept.  The developments include mixed use housing that can help provide housing needs for a wide variety of incomes.  It also includes open space for community events.  And all of this with the goal of making Norwalk a more walkable community. Find out more about the City of Norwalk at our city’s home page: http://www.norwalk.iowa.gov/home and our Chamber of Commerce page: http://www.norwalkchamber.org/.
          Parts of our school district are touched by other parts of the Des Moines Metro. You can find additional information at their websites listed here:
State of Iowa: www.iowa.gov
Heartland AEA 11: www.heartlandaea.org
West Des Moines: http://www.wdm.iowa.gov/

          As part of the Des Moines Metro, Norwalk benefits when the entire metro grows. We share the targeted industries, knowing when the metro succeeds, so does Norwalk. In addition to the metros key industries, Financial Services, Logistics, Bioscience and Data Centers, and with one of the lowest retails sales per capita in the entire state, Norwalk residents typically shop in neighboring communities, making Norwalk primed for retail development.