SRG Course Guides and 4.0 Learning Scale

The goal of our SRG Course Guides is to communicate the proficiency scales, units of instruction, and major assessments that are a part of our secondary courses using standards-referenced grading and reporting practices.

6-12 SRG Course Guides

District 4.0 Learning Scale

4 Exceeds Standard I have demonstrated in-depth understanding of the learning goal beyond what was taught.
3 Meets Standard I have met the learning goal.
2 Approaching Standard I have demonstrated the foundational skills and knowledge for the learning goal, and I am almost there.
1 Below Standard I have some understanding of the learning goal, but I  have a long way to go.
O Even with help, no understanding or skill demonstrated I have submitted evidence, but it does not show that I understand the learning goal.
M Incomplete or no evidence submitted I have not submitted any acceptable evidence to show my understanding of the learning goal.