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Construction Update 4-2019

The Norwalk School District is growing and continuing to plan and execute facility improvements to meet the needs of increased enrollment, safety-security, technology and
educational programs. The District has a 10-year building maintenance plan and a
15-year Facilities Master Plan.Currently, the District is focused on three
major construction projects:New Orchard Hills Elementary- To address
increased enrollment, the District is building a new elementary school on North Avenue,
west of Highway 28. The building is designed to service 750 students with 30 general
educational classrooms, three large-group intervention classrooms, a STEM classroom,
a maker space, in addition to specialty classrooms for students with disabilities,
library, regulation-size gymnasium, art and music classrooms. The building is scheduled
to open in the fall of 2019 and is scheduled to service 2nd and 3rd grade students.

Norwalk Middle School Renovations – The root of this building was originally
constructed in 1972. Since then, the building has received four additions. Current
renovations include a career and technical education (CTE) building addition, a new
corridor to improve student circulation, renovations of existing classrooms to
modernize the areas, and general building improvements for heating and cooling,
technology, electrical wiring, ADA and security items.

Norwalk High School Renovations –The original section of the HS was built in
1961. The building has received nine additions and one major renovation to existing areas.
The current renovations include improvements to CTE classrooms, media center, special
education classrooms, guidance offices, some classroom reconfiguration and improved
corridor circulation. The goal of renovation at our secondary campus is to create CTE
classrooms that match current instructional applications in vocational programs, enhance
technology to provide students with global connections and create spaces that invite
students to learn in flexibly small group environments.