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Lakewood Earns PLC Distinction-2nd Year in a Row

Today marks another great day at Lakewood Elementary.   We have been proudly named as a “Model Professional Learning Community School” for the 2nd Year in a row by Solution Tree.    The award is given based on the following criteria:

  1. Building a successful Professional Learning Community within your school
  2. Improving student learning and analyzing data as part of the PLC
  3. Advancing instructional best practices within the building

To give you an idea of how big of honor this is I want you to listen to the following statistics:

1.Lakewood is one of 14 schools in the state of Iowa to receive this award.

2 .Currently there are 8 Elementary Schools with this distinction.  

3.Lakewood is one of 111 Elementary Schools with this distinction in the United States

4.We are also one of the 186 schools in the nation to receive this honor this year.

Here is what the email that I received said:  
“We want to encourage you to apply for the annual DuFour Award. Your continued growth is a sign of your school’s commitment to continuous improvement, and the cumulative impact your school is having on students that need you the most! “  

Here are the reasons that I (Jill Anderson) feel the staff is committed to PLC:

  1. Commiting and living the vision of “Every Child, Every Day”
  2. Dedication, service and work ethic of making not only your students, but you as a professional each day
  3. Putting kids first in all decisions that you made
  4. Pushing your thinking and being uncomfortable in order to grow as a professional
  5. Collaborative spirit in all that you do.  
  6. Understanding  the Building Plan
  7. Following and living the Seven Habits

Submitted by Lakewood Principal, Jill Anderson