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Norwalk Organizations That Help Our Students

There are some wonderful organizations that assist our students in and outside of the classroom environment. This article serves to build awareness of those organizations and understanding of how they work to support our Warriors.

Norwalk Student Education Foundation (NSEF) is a group that dedicates itself to providing resources to enhance educational experiences and opportunities for the students in Norwalk schools. Teachers have the ability to write grant requests for consideration to add resources to their classrooms that will benefit their students. Past grant recipients have received funding to purchase the following:

  • Alternative seating options for Lakewood classroom
  • Books to begin building a professional library for Middle School staff
  • Water bottles for all incoming third grade students
  • Graphing calculators for High School math class
  • Exercise balls for alternative seating in Lakewood classroom
  • Lego sets to promote STEM thinking and creative outlet for elementary students
  • Photography Light Studio / GoPro for 9th – 12th grade class
  • IMAX show for Lakewood field trip to Science Center
  • New playground balls for all grade levels

NSEF is hosting its annual fundraiser event on Friday, November 2nd at the new Carper Vineyard and Winery in Norwalk. They are hosting a silent and traditional auction of a variety of prizes and goods including:

  • a guided fishing tour
  • custom art pieces
  • birthday party with Norwalk police & fire departments
  • a 3 night stay in the Ozarks
  • Teach and Cook by Chef George Migliero (GMigs!)
  • Stella & Dot basket
  • Iowa & Iowa State themed baskets
  • golf-themed items
  • horse riding lessons

Doors open at 5pm. There will be music from a local quartet, and Norwalk’s own Sara
Routh will entertain you starting at 7:45pm.  Norwalk’s local fare, including The Chicken,
Winn’s Pizza & Steakhouse, Tacos Andreas, and more will provide appetizers. You can order your tickets to the event HERE. Follow news surrounding the event on their Facebook page HERE.


Another organization that assists our students is the Norwalk Music Boosters. If your child is in band, choir, or participates in general music at the elementary level, you are a Music Booster! Parents are welcome to attend semi-monthly meetings at 7pm in the High School band room:

Nov. 6, Nov. 27, Jan. 3, Jan. 29, April 2, May 2

By visiting their website, you can find volunteer opportunities to assist the music department with events they host for area schools (Jazz Contest, Concert Band Contest, Solo Contest) with a concentration of volunteer need in December for their annual fruit fundraiser and February/March for the Contests listed above. On their website, you can also find links to forms you can fill out if you wish to donate to the organization.


Norwalk’s PTO also has a strong presence in our district. Their main purposes are:

  1. To encourage communication and involvement among parents, teachers, and students.
  2. To assist teachers and students in furthering the education and development goals of the school.
  3. To provide additional resources and support for student and teacher activities.
  4. To support projects that will benefit students in the school, as well as in the home and community.
  5. To foster a spirit of cooperation between parents and teachers and to assist in and enhance the students’ education.

Why PTO needs you!

PTO depends on the generosity of parents and teachers as well as Norwalk community members and businesses. Generosity of not only funds, but also time and talents. In Norwalk, we are very fortunate to have a great school system with dedicated teachers and administrators. PTO works to provide them with the tools and activities that are not allotted for in the general budget.

To achieve these goals, volunteers are needed. FUN NIGHT, the biggest event fundraiser (approximately $12,000 per year) takes over 300 volunteer hours JUST FOR THE EVENT. That doesn’t count the hours spent working to secure donations, activities, etc. or the other activities that happen during the year. PTO NEEDS YOUR HELP! If you can give an hour or ten, it is appreciated.

YOUR suggestions and ideas are always welcome. Box Tops generated over $2000 in one week last year, all because one parent said – I can help, and I will.

Please fill out the volunteer form here and you will be contacted. If you have questions about how you can help, email: 


Lastly, the Norwalk Athletic Booster Club (NABC) meets monthly at 7pm in the NHS main entrance lobby and supports our high school and middle school student athletes in the following:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball (Boys & Girls)
  • Bowling
  • Cheerleading
  • Cross Country (Boys & Girls)
  • Dance / Drill Team
  • Football
  • Golf (Boys & Girls)
  • Soccer (Boys & Girls)
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Tennis (Boys & Girls)
  • Track (Boys & Girls)
  • Volleyball
  • Weight Training
  • Wrestling





The purpose of the Norwalk Athletic Booster Club (NABC) is to assist in the funding of Middle School and High School athletics/activities which includes the purchasing of uniforms and equipment for over 21 different programs. Funding for this mission is obtained through memberships, concessions, benefits, and tournament sponsorship. Your membership and volunteerism in this vital funding organization is essential to its success. Become a member and get involved in this very important component of Norwalk athletics and activities! You can view a promotional video HERE.

Students perform well in the classroom when there is a system of supports in place outside of the classroom and at home. Being an involved parent contributes greatly to a student’s success. We hope to see you at a meeting soon!

Athletic Boosters Calendar 

Music Boosters Website with Calendar Dates