On Wednesday September 27, 2017, Lakewood students filed outside for an assembly that seemed normal on all fronts (except that it was outside for the first time). Principal Jill Anderson and Student Advocate Chris Larson ran the assembly, celebrating outstanding attendance and then handed the mic over to WHO TV reporter Jodi Whitworth. Whitworth spoke to the students about what a reporter does through telling stories and sharing good news that happens in our area. IMT Insurance explained their story of sponsoring an award for teachers who do great things in the field of education and surprised all in attendance by presenting the Golden Apple Award to 5th grade teacher Matt Ramthun.

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This is Ramthun’s 16th year in Norwalk Schools and upon receiving the award, detailed his history in the district. He student taught here in Norwalk and was granted an interview for a position with Principal Anderson. He says, “I was offered a job at another school district, but I decided to stay here because I knew what I was getting into here.” Ramthun applauded his administration and colleagues for making Lakewood such an outstanding place to work and teach. The atmosphere is one of fun, but of also getting hard work done too. Lastly, he thanked his family for their support of his career and the student who nominated him, Sam Lemke.

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(Pictured in left image above: Ramthun’s family (left), Grace and Sam Lemke (right), Matt Ramthun in right image above)

The Golden Apple Award is a special honor given to teachers, one a month during the school year, recognizing their dedication to students, building relationships, and making a positive impact on their school. Sam shared that Mr. Ramthun, “Always told us not to give up on our dreams.” and if you “always work hard. We can do anything.”

After the assembly was concluded, WHO TV camera crews and Whitworth interviewed Ramthun, Sam Lemke and his mom, Grace, for the story that will air Friday, Oct. 6th in the 5:00-6:00am hour and the 4:00pm hour. You can view the story here: http://whotv.com/2017/10/06/norwalk-elementary-teacher-helps-students-of-all-abilities-win-in-the-classroom/

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To nominate your favorite teacher, WHO TV is always accepting applications here: http://whotv.com/on-air/golden-apple/